• 1 hora
  • no
  • 70
  • 2 horas
  • no
  • no
  • toda la noche
  • no
  • no
  • Edad – 22
  • Altura – 154
  • Peso – 47
Hello, my name is Kea. I am a petite and very sweet girl and you are guaranteed to enjoy your time with me. I like to change my style often but I assure you that I will look just a good or better when I arrive at your hotel. I prefer shorter meetings of 4 hours or less, and I won't agree to anything longer, but if you'd like me to stay with you longer lets start out with a shorter meeting first to see how well we get along. It's easy to get along great in the bed together but I'll need to feel more comfortable with you before I agree to staying much longer out of the bed. If you'd like to meet just complete the booking form here at my site. No need to send me a lot of emails. Many that schedule me send no emails and just complete the booking form and I kind of prefer that as saves my time struggling to answer a bunch of emails. I will respond to your booking form quickly after you send it. I'll need the booking form in the end anyway so just complete that and we can meet. But if you do have questions just email me and I will try my best to answer. Please be aware and understand that I do not accept all the booking requests I receive. I will carefully look at all and determine if I want to meet you or not. Most common reasons I decline requests are because they are last minute or want to meet too late. Every day almost i reject last minute requests or people wanting to meet very late so don't upset Love xo xo xo kea?

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